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Jennifer and Norman didn't actually meet in the Fitness Equipment world, contrary to popular folklore.  But they both worked for the Largest Dealership in the industry, and got married and had a wonderful child while moving up the ranks of that company.

Both were top sellers while on the sales floor, they built a huge following as managers, and both moved into executive roles in the industry. And they discovered a unique talent and passion for building legions of loyal clients through a unique personal touch and a long-term commitment to those clients.

Norman and Jennifer formed a consultancy, and worked with many new and old manufacturers, but when changes in the industry created a dearth of service-oriented dealers in their area, they knew what to do.  It was time to put their talents back to work for their people.  Their Credo is simple.
"We Make Clients, Not Sales.  Sales Will Come From Happy Clients."



When you're serious about fitness, you need a serious fitness partner. When it comes to the fitness industry, we've done it all. We helped build the biggest fitness equipment dealership in the industry, then expanded into design and consulting. We work as advisors to premium industry brands, bringing Greater Boston what’s new and what’s next in fitness.

The fitness industry is growing faster than ever and people are embracing connected fitness. You want to understand this brave new connected world and how it works for you. That's why we started ConnectFit. To hook you up with this new world of connected fitness and a better version of you.


Norm has a long history of building partnerships between Health and Wellness companies and meshing technology creators with manufacturers and vendors. He helped build the largest fitness equipment dealership from the ground up and has worked with nearly all of the major manufacturers in the industry. The top brands in the market come to him for advice about developing and improving their product. Norm has helped dozens of companies bring products to market and has an inside track on what’s new and what’s next in both the legacy and connected fitness industries.


Jenn Morrison has an extensive track record as a senior-level leader within high-performing operations and sales within Health Wellness and Specialty Fitness sectors. Jenn puts the customer front and center in every interaction, delivering the highest standard of customer service to maximize satisfaction. She excels at building, training, and optimizing the productivity of store and regional teams that continually exceed organizational and customer expectations. She is adept at creating strong work cultures that promote professional development, engagement, and teamwork as the core components for achieving sustained success.