Normally when you start a new company, it's hard to get any premium brands or manufacturer support. That's just the way it is. But the industry response to ConnectFit has been phenomenal and we are proud to partner with this hand-picked collection of top-name brands. 

At ConnectFit, we have access to all of the very best brands available. Some may be familiar to you, some may be new to you.  But we've selected each brand carefully because we have to stand behind each one. We have options for you at every price point in every category.  We want you to see the full perspective of quality available and decide what’s right for you.




Echelon is a rare company that was a fast follower in the connected fitness space. They have the ability to create good content and a large platform at a time when the quality of content and platform is becoming critical. There are millions of apps out there that nobody uses. And there are only a few companies that really have the resources to create constantly evolving and improving content.

Echelon also offers a large ecosystem of products. So you can get a bike, a treadmill, a rowing machine, and especially their popular, touch-screen 50 inch Reflect -- all with one subscription. So instead of having to buy separate subscriptions for different things, one subscription covers all of your Echelon products.

So if you're looking for an expansive platform, top-quality product line and want to be supported by a local dealer (many of these brands are actually sold only online and don't offer service support) Echelon gives you the best of all worlds.

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We've sold dozens of flooring brands for other companies. But for ConnectFit, we chose to carry only ECORE because they have the best processing and the best consistency in the industry. Ecore flooring is featured in the training rooms of several NFL and NBA teams.

When most people go to a gym, they might not even think about the floor they are working out on. But the right flooring can be as important as the equipment itself. The proper flooring ensures the integrity of your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The wrong floor exposes your body to undue stress and possible injury. 

Ecore sports and fitness flooring helps manage impact to reduce the risk of fall-related injuries. Their performance floors are also slip-resistant, helping to decrease the fall risks that can affect an athlete’s health and performance. It supports joints and absorbs impact and sound. 

Ecore was the first company to came out with a multilayer vulcanized system that has a harder layer and a soft underlay. That's the reason that they're used for elite athletes and still trusted by more schools and hospitals than any other company.

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Since 1959, more world records have been set with Eleiko bars and Eleiko equipment than any other weightlifting brand. And frankly, all other weightlifting brands put together. They are the brand of the professional powerlifters. They are the brand of the Olympics because their quality is at a completely different level than any other brand in the industry.

Eleiko came to the weightlifting world's attention because they did something the community had never seen before -  they built a bar that lasts an entire competition without being damaged or broken. Eleiko also introduced the first rubber weights and included needle bearings in the bar design - this increased performance and safety.

Eleiko is distinctly certified by the governing bodies of three strength sports. Since becoming certified by the IWF in 1969, Eleiko has equipped more than 40 World Championships, as well as several hundred continental and regional Championships and Games. Eleiko enjoys the distinction of being the sole VIP supplier for IPF World Championships since 2009.

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Freemotion is a very unique brand. It was one of the two brands that we decided when we opened, we had to have, or we simply would not open. In the connected fitness space, it's not always easy to match the quality of the equipment and the quality of the actual content. Freemotion does both very well. 

Freemotion is the high-level commercial portion of a brand called ICON International, which is one of the two largest fitness equipment brands in the world.  Freemotion marries equipment to the Ifit content platform, which is the one of the top four platforms in the industry.  So you can actually get a really well-built sturdy cardio piece that works directly with top level content.

ICON also owns patents that allow the content to directly adjust to the product. So for example, you're on a Freemotion incline trainer, and you're walking through a guided tour through the Bazaar of Istanbul. When you "go up steps" the treadmill will incline during that portion. It fits your experience, and makes it that much more enjoyable. You get it all with Freemotion, high quality machine, tons of patents and best content.




Many industry insiders consider Landice to be the absolute best treadmill brand, bar none. Landice has been making treadmills since 1967 in their own factory, in New Jersey. They are still making treadmills in their own factory in New Jersey. And the quality control and support you get from Landice is a throwback to the days when you made something to last.

They're the only treadmills that offers a lifetime warranty on the parts. Nobody else does that. And there's peace of mind that's involved with that.

If you're looking for durability, quietness, mechanical acumen, warranty, and most importantly of all cushioning, they are arguably the best treadmill in the industry.

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Currently Spirit is the highest value product in the industry and this is exhibited heavily in their features and warranty. All of the products we carry from Spirit have a 10-year warranty on the parts. Not just one or two parts, not just a motor. ALL of the parts are warrantied for 10 years. When you contrast this to most department store treadmills or online treadmills, where they offer a one or two year parts warranty, it's obvious where the money is being put, it is being put into the product. 

Spirit also offers features like Bluetooth and all their cardio products as needed to integrate with apps and different programs. But they also have adjustable stride length available on an elliptical machine, which is one of the most sought-after features for elliptical machines. Usually, adjustable stride length is only available in the $5,000 and up category. This is available at a far more price-sensitive place for Spirit than any other brand.

The 2021 FIT PROF Best Buy awarded Spirit Fitness recognition in multiple categories for the fifth consecutive year, receiving 9 “Best Buy” awards in 5 different product categories -- including climber, recumbent bike, elliptical, indoor cycle, and treadmills.

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TKO Strength & Performance was founded in 1996 by Garry Kurtz. TKO was first a boxing equipment company (hence the name Technical KnockOut), but has since evolved into a health and fitness equipment manufacturing company. TKO is a brand that we went to originally for free weights because we have so many relationships in the industry.

TKO now offers a variety of products, from boxing gloves to yoga mats, or from dumbbells to functional trainers and cardio equipment such as elliptical machines and indoor bikes.

We were one of the first companies to offer some of their other items: their benches, their squat racks and functional trainers. And it was a surprise to everybody how good they were. TKO is really a brand that's up and coming and sneaking up on people in terms of their quality . So they are, they're definitely a brand that's a lot higher quality than their price category would suggest. 

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“Integrity Matters” is more than a tagline for us.


Thoughtful design is part of our heritage and core values. Since the beginning, we’ve considered how we can improve the experience for both the exerciser and the facility. 

Our team of industrial designers and engineers approach products from all angles: performance, durability, aesthetics, and innovation. Our software engineers have created data-driven hardware and software solutions to enhance operator and user experiences. Our process includes listening to our customers and understanding what is needed to make their facilities more successful. Whether you’re looking to gauge the health of your products with asset management or to provide your members with a complete dashboard of their workout history, we’ve got you covered. 



True Alpine Runner incline treadmill



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