Norm Morrison Nov 6, 2021 11:49:14 AM 4 min read

Designing the Gym-New Flooring from Ecore

One of the things that's really actually fun about designing people's fitness rooms and workout spaces is that the tools keep on getting better and better.  Fitness flooring doesn't have to be ugly anymore.
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A decade ago, the only real options for the floors were black hard rubber, and the best thing you could try to do is try to find good quality that didn't stink to high heaven. And by the way that's still a problem, all of the poor quality rubber floors have a lot of off-gassing.  Another reason we work with Ecore is their proprietary processing and the odorless product it creates.
Recently Ecore really pushed the envelope on fitness flooring. Not only do we have great turf options, and a great color palette, but they've come up with a stacked, two-layer product that has a lot more give and sound absorption than the older hard rubber did.
And recently, they've totally outdone themselves, coming out with their Ebb & Flow line of woven vinyl fitness floors. These are amazing options, that still have that multi-layer, extra absorbent property, but they give us some amazing high-end design looks. But unlike bolon or other non-fitness floors, this is going to high-end look with some serious durability.
If you want to really up your game when you're designing your gym, whether in the home or designing a space in your corporate gym, high-end multifamily space,  or a training studio,  we can really help because we literally have more options. Come and connect with ConnectFit.

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