Norm Morrison Dec 2, 2020 10:48:38 AM 4 min read

Landice gets Top Marks

Landice was arguably the very first Treadmill brand, started in 1967, and still manufactured in New Jersey.  They have never been that big Gym brand that makes everything, but when it comes to Treadmills, they have always been at the top. 


The most recent Runner’s World review of Treadmills kept that tradition up.  Though RW doesn’t like to ‘rate’ brands anymore due to keeping the peace (and advertising), you can read between the lines when they talk about something being “The quietest”, they are saying it would have been rated number one in that category. 
Here is the Meat of the review: 
 “This thing focuses on what’s important: the feel of the run. In testing, the L8 proved to be the quietest, and its thick four-ply belt made for ninja-like footfalls. It’s also fast to respond to speed changes; runners were shocked at how quickly it reacted to big variations during intervals. 
Understand that to me, who has helped design treadmills and dissected them for decades, Noise is Friction.  And friction is the enemy of a treadmill, and what kills it.  And when they are talking about the ninja-like feel, they are talking cushioning, especially when they are comparing it to ‘natural’ feel, which is RW being nice about treadmills with minimal cushioning like slatted machines. 

By the way, that acceleration quote is no joke, too many treadmills have slow acceleration that kill your intervals. 
So if you or a client are interested in trying the L8, schedule a consult and we’ll give you a whole workout. While Freemotion gives you a heavy-duty machine with IFIT entertainment if you want the best Content and treadmill option, Landice might be the best ‘feeling’ treadmill in the industry.  


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