Norm Morrison Oct 19, 2020 6:04:05 PM 4 min read

Panatta Sport-The Ultimate Cable Machine

Cable machines, or Functional Trainers, have been around in various forms since the 1980s.  But in the early 2000's, they went from being just cable cross machines to being the most versatile tool a user or personal trainer could have.
My sales floors went from smith machines and multigyms to become dominated by various cable machines.  And they started with just two closer cable columns, to discovering lateral adjustability (thank you, Freemotion!), to corner gyms.  

But now, we have even better improved functionality with the Panatta Sport Inside Functional Trainer, where you have the combination of a corner, laterally adjustable functional trainer...added to Italian design.
This is probably the smoothest machine I've used, and after years of having to nod when people said these big machines were ugly and utilitarian, it is nice to see one where the form sensibility is equal to the functional capability.


And not only does it function incredibly well by itself, the accessory benches come as a set as well, so instead of sliding a bench in that may or may not stay in place, you have those pieces , like a step or a row bench, thoughtfully designed and seemingly one with the machine when in use.

Panatta also makes multiple lines of Cardio and Strength, with amazing biomechanics that look the part.  With amazing customizations available to match the look at feel you want.  
Come in and see the Panatta Sport Inside, or let us know if you. want to learn more!




Norm Morrison

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