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You Can Get Expert Advice and Better Value or You Can Shop Online...Not Both

During the heights of Pandemic, a lot of companies opened up to take advantage and sell you online strength equipment, because you couldn't go out and get advice.
But there's so much to strength equipment that people don't know, and that you can't learn from online source. And when you're buying strength equipment online, whether you know it or not, you're paying a lot extra for the freight, not to mention paying more to get a total lack of support.
Additionally, a significant number of these online companies masquerade as manufacturers when, in reality, they are merely importing products and lack any form of customer service. Essentially, they function as warehouses situated along the coast, simply shipping off-the-shelf items.
And you're certainly not going to learn about what's going to be best for your space. Nobody's going to tell you the difference is between the three major types of strength equipment, free weight, multi-gym, or cable-based functional, and what they do best.  And the issues with hybrid machines.
For the same reason, they're not going to tell you what makes a better dumbbell, and how some are better on the wrist or the differences between Olympic Bars and what type of training each is better for. These online sites are just there to sell you something, there's no long-term relationship in the plan.
And no one is going to help you understand the different types of gym flooring, and what will optimize the feel and the look you are aiming floor.  A yoga floor is vastly different from a powerlifting floor, and the needs of a third floor gym is often different from a basement gym space.
Even in the new space of connected fitness, the connected gyms that you can only buy online are650201fa991064a3f4211eb6_StrengthPro_Studio-F-LateralLegLift the low hanging fruit, lower quality and with poor customer service. It's nice to be able to try and understand an OxeFit or an Echelon Strength Pro, as well as having somebody who's going to deliver it, install it, and take care of it.
So if you're anywhere in New England, and especially in the Boston market, you don't have to blindly order online, you can consult with ConnectFit, and you'll have a 100% better experience and have the space designed for your actual needs, not just what some online site thinks they can sell you.  Let us design your gym with you.

Let Us Design With You!

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Norm has a long history of building partnerships between Health and Wellness companies and meshing technology creators with manufacturers and vendors. He helped build the largest fitness equipment dealership from the ground up and has worked with nearly all of the major manufacturers in the industry. The top brands in the market come to him for advice about developing and improving their product. Norm has helped dozens of companies bring products to market and has an inside track on what’s new and what’s next in both the legacy and connected fitness industries.