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Stacked Gym Flooring Advantages

We saw a lot of different types of gym flooring. After all, designing gym and fitness spaces is what we do.
And I've been doing this for a quarter century now. Thousands of gym spaces of all different types and sizes and requirements have my fingerprints all over them.
But about 15 years ago there was a pretty big change in the gym flooring market. Ecore started creating stacked flooring. We've talked about it before, it's a thin top layer of normally a harder substance with a softer layer underneath bonded together.
And there's a lot of advantages that come from this. Some of which are not apparent. The first is that by changing the thickness and the consistency of the underlayment, you can really dial in the requirements in terms of impact resistance, vibration absorption, actual cushioning, and durability.
Rally, pictured above, which is one of the most popular types of stacked flooring, literally has over three and a half times the amount of cushion for your joints and for weight dropping an old hard rubber floors have.  We literally have people ripping up old, hard, rubber floors to put this in.
Another advantage is that you can get a lot of different types of looks. We saw a lot of ebb and flow and Bounce2. Bounce2 is actually in our showrooms, and pretty much every day people are blown away by the fact that it's actually gym flooring. We also seem to install a ton of this down on the cape, to the point we call their Graphite color " Osterville Grey".
And there's other types Built more for a spa look, or it's better for use in a yoga studio, and there's even some that's built to go into locker rooms and such.  The days of every gym being ugly black rubber that shows every mark is over.
One of my favorite floors recently actually had a border of bounce too and the whole intersection was done with ebb and flow. We can really do some amazing things with designers because of721EA this flooring.
With Rally, or some of the thicker gym floors, we can literally put in drop zones for heavier weights. These are built literally to have Olympic lifting done on them. Rally has a great look but an even more amazing feel.
And a lot of our clients like to get logos on them, when they find out they can get their business name or even the family name put in.
So connect with ConnectFit if you're interested in upgrading your Gym space, or if you're creating a new one and you want to start with the best.

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