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Hey trainers and professionals, it's Norm from CONNECTFIT.hudson_steel_new_york-logo-black-500
I'm introducing you to a brand new line of fitness equipment. This is definitely going to be a trainer secret weapon category. Their name is Hudson Steel, and they are coming aboard here.  And with my history of designing equipment as well as gyms, I think our clients and trainers will be working with a lot of it. It is a very diverse and well thought-out range of equipment.
I'm going to mention a couple pieces in particular that I like a lot that might surprise you, or at least be of interest. Things I don't always see in most manufacturer's equipment list, but pieces the trainers like a lot.
The first is the Hudson Flatiron half rack. This is a sturdy and super functional half rack. But it fits in a 7 ft flatiron-cage-2 (2)ceiling area, which is unusual. It also comes with nice long safety spotters, three band bags, a landmine attachment, and two bar holders in the back.  All standard, not extra. This one is great for you *or* your clients.
The h tray rack is super versatile. It's an extra deep three level dumbbell rack, but it also has six plate horns to put your plates on and two bar holders in the back. Also, each tray can be totally horizontal or angled for dumbbells. This means you can put kettlebells in the top and dumbbells on the next two racks or whatever you want to do there. PXL_20230821_174948912And you take this piece and then you actually have wheels in the back of it so it can move around your studio when you need it.  This thing is BUILT to be in your studio.
Trainers will love the quad squad. It's a tiny little piece, but it's built to give you that perfect squat and body-weight burnout.  With a height adjustable calf support and heavy padding on the adjustable ankle support, this is a great little piece.  It really gives you great form as well as an improved hip workout.
Anyone who knows me knows I've helped design and that I love functional trainers. Hudson's Bridgehampton functional trainer is a really sleek and compact two-stack functional trainer with horizontal and vertical adjustments. It comes with pair of 250 lb stacks, comes complete with all of the bars, straps, tricep ropes, and chains with the unit. And has a four to one ratio and aluminum pulleys.  That 4:1 ration creates a 'High Mass/Low Travel' feel that really smoothes out the motion.
And they have a fully commercial multi-angle bench, the Manhattan Bench, with textured padding double stitching. Totally welded in the back, it has a sheath adjustment to make it super stable in all positions and an extra long back pad means it fits all different size people properly.  And a rule of thumb on benches is that the more welding (instead of bolting), the better the quality. The pad is also tapered to allow for a full range of motion for the scapula.

Lastly, the Miami Super-Gym is selling well to both homes and to studios.www.connectfit.comhubfsmanhattan-gym-02142022  Because it is a a complete Olympic Cage station with a full cable/functional workout built in.  And a Smith Machine tossed in for good measure.  Seriously, this piece does it all, and does it all with more safety and more variety.  
And that should get you started there. They have a full line of dumbbells plates bars and strength equipment, so they are a brand you should come in and see!  Let us know if you have any questions!

Norm Morrison

Norm has a long history of building partnerships between Health and Wellness companies and meshing technology creators with manufacturers and vendors. He helped build the largest fitness equipment dealership from the ground up and has worked with nearly all of the major manufacturers in the industry. The top brands in the market come to him for advice about developing and improving their product. Norm has helped dozens of companies bring products to market and has an inside track on what’s new and what’s next in both the legacy and connected fitness industries.