Norm Morrison Jul 16, 2020 5:10:42 PM 5 min read

The Betterair Purification System

This product is very, very unique. Betterair is compared to air filtration systems, but that’s not what it is. It’s a device that moves a probiotic mist into the air. It actually changes the chemistry of the indoor air, making it more comparable to outdoor air. Outdoor air is healthier for us because there’s so much air mass and movement through it and as a result there are a lot fewer pathogens and viruses in outdoor air. But indoors, things can get ugly.

This Better Air probiotic mist reduces pathogens, viruses, allergens and makes the air much more healthy for you to breathe. The mist then falls down onto surfaces and changes the chemistry so that pathogens, bacteria and virus don’t linger on the surfaces. It helps get rid of pathogens, bacteria, allergens and viruses in areas you never think to clean or have trouble wiping down directly. It works for both residential and commercial applications. It helps clean bedding, furniture. In gyms it cleans dumbbells, handles, weights – so many of these things that are handled by several people, no matter how careful you are.

Research is key here...lots of products show up with little or no actual research.  Better Air has a ton of research behind it.

I really like this betterair system because I’ve design fitness spaces for 25+ years. I know when you train hard, you breathe very hard and often you are in a very closed environment. To be clear, you process up much, much more oxygen when working out than being passive. Nearly 10 times as much oxygen. And then, most gyms are in the basement.
So, you normally work out in the most closed-in area of your house, that’s where the chemistry of your air is the worst, and then you go and use the most oygen there.  It's really a recipe for disaster.


Better Air makes your environment safer and gets rid of allergens, viruses and smells. It makes for a better workout experience and a healthier you. 
This is part of what makes ConnectFit different.  We look at your workout and fitness space holistically.   

The Better Air Lineup has everything from small, portable devices all the way to full home or gym dispersal systems.  In the home gym, the Biotica 800, which scrubs up to 800 sq feet of air, is the most popular.


Norm Morrison

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